Coastal Atlantic Partners is a direct marketing and acquisition firm who specializes in working with Fortune 100 and 500 companies. CAP has a proven model of connecting national clients to local areas and growing a residual customer base.  We pride ourselves on our intrinsic training that creates top performing regional managers to manage our client’s accounts. We do this by developing our employees into these regional management positions instead of hiring outside managers to work with our clients.  That way we can ensure that our management team knows the client’s needs through and through before a marketing method is put into action.  This ensures that our management team knows everything from professional sales and acquisitions all the way to compliance and human resources needs.

Our clients can expect that we provide timely and cost-effective solutions to growing their customer base in a specific market. Our clients also know that they cannot rely solely on indirect means of advertising, residual customers or word of mouth to market their new products or services. That is where we come in. Our company focuses on the development of people. Coastal Atlantic Partners’ agents are trained in many different areas including professional acquisitions, consulting and account management services, client development, market analysis, and much more. As we continue our development process, we can guarantee our clients measurable results and a work ethic that cannot be matched.  This process will also make us one of the fastest growing employee firms in the state of Florida!

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