Coastal Atlantic Partners focus on professional acquisitions and direct marketing for our clients.  Bottom line, we create a local customer base for nationally recognized companies.  We do this customer by customer so that our consumers can have an individual and tailored experience on behalf of our clients. As a result, this ensures that our clients will receive local representation through fully trained customer service and professional sales agents.  Ultimately, our goal is to market their products and services to help increase their customer base and retain their existing accounts.

Companies are becoming more and more frustrated with traditional marketing and advertising channels. Direct mail has become obsolete, telemarketing and email advertising have become more of a nuisance than anything, and anytime we want to log on to our social media accounts, we are attacked with different products and services that cover our screens! This is why our clients are turning to us. Our direct approach to marketing allows for a more personal connection with each customer. Overall, we have taken an old-school technique of interpersonal communication and mixed it with modern-day consulting techniques to give our clients the edge on their competition.

We do this by specializing in five different types of direct marketing:

1.      Business to Business

2.      Business to Consumer

3.      Event Marketing

4.      Retail Marketing

5.      Guerilla Marketing

With these proven types of direct marketing campaigns, Coastal Atlantic Partners’ clients get more than most creative advertising agencies offer; they get highly specialized and trained representatives to deal directly with their customers in a specific market.  Moreover, with this method, our client’s customers receive only the best experience on behalf of our clients. We bridge this gap so that our clients do not have to. This is also highly cost effective for our clients because we only accept payment once we have brought the client results.  Hence, we can guarantee win/win scenarios for everyone!

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