Agassi Korkis – President and Founder

Agassi Korkis is a young, aspiring entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and business owner. He was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and knew from a young age he was destined for entrepreneurship. Growing up in Michigan, Agassi spent much of his time with his father, a serial start-up entrepreneur. This is where he first learned the work ethic, perseverance, and passion needed to create a successful company from scratch. He was put in charge of daily operations and sales at one of his father’s businesses. He excelled extremely quickly and increased that company’s sales by over 136% in just nine months.

Importantly, that is when he knew his passion for sales and growing businesses would take his career in another direction. “It was great working with my father on a daily basis but my favorite part of his story is that he built his business from scratch. I knew at that point that I had to follow in those footsteps in that regard,” explained Agassi. He took a consulting position working in the telecommunications industry in Detroit and was quickly promoted to a management position. In his time there, Agassi connected with some major players in the telecommunications industry and decided to relocate to Orlando, Florida to work with a start-up company in their business development efforts. This is where he was given the opportunity to work with his own client and quickly started expanding.

After growing his client’s campaign, he decided to take the leap and start his own company in Orlando. His company grew at an incredible rate and became known for the quality that he provided his clients. This caught the eyes of some of the largest companies in the telecommunication industry such as AT&T and Comcast Business. These clients saw a gap in the northern Florida market so Agassi decided to relocate his company, Coastal Atlantic Partners, to Jacksonville, Florida to fulfill those needs. His goal is to continue to expand his business around the country. Furthermore, look to acquire international clients within the next three years.

However, Agassi is much more than an entrepreneur. As an avid Detroit sports fan, you can usually find him representing his favorite sports teams and attending different sporting events. He also enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, and watching comedy movies. “I believe that if anyone takes life too seriously, they will let life pass them by. Enjoy every minute of every day, laugh as much as possible, and surround yourself with those who bring out your best qualities.” This explains Agassi’s cool demeanor and the laid back atmosphere that often reigns the air at Coastal Atlantic Partners.

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